Find a Driving School: Step One For Victoria Learner Drivers

The process of earning a driving license in Australia has become considerably more difficult in the past generation. Many families are struggling to understand today’s complex, some would say onerous, requirements. It’s more important than it ever has been to have the knowledge and support of professionals. That’s why the first step in obtaining a driving license in Victoria (and throughout Australia) is to find a good, local driving school.

A local driving school can guide the learner and their family through testing, training and licensing smoothly and with a minimum of stress. Time has value, and approaching every step in the process fully prepared will bring it to a successful conclusion as quickly as possible. Getting the right training while driving under the L license will likely lead to a smooth progression through the P1 and the P2. With the support of a good driving school, there will most likely be no need to re-take tests and no sticking points in the process.

Since driving instructors can act as referees, driving lessons will reduce the amount of time that the learner needs to spend driving with a family member. Having a driving instructor as a referee makes it more likely that the required number of practice hours will take place on schedule. A professional instructor will provide the learner with high quality feedback. In fact, choosing to use an instructor as the principal referee can greatly reduce stress and conflict in the family.

In the northeastern part of greater Melbourne, Hiway Driving School is a great choice for driver’s education. They’re a local school with experienced and fully qualified instructors, and they offer a positive and productive approach to drivers’ education. To find out more about licensing requirements and driving lessons in suburban Melbourne, take a look at the Hi Way Driving School website at