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Physiolates Promotes Mobility and Alleviates Pregnancy Concerns

pilate ballPhysiolates is a combination of physical therapy and clinical Pilates. The physiolates offered at Clinical Pilates Carnegie shouldn’t be confused with regular Pilates used in spas and fitness centers. Physiolates is a specialized form of exercise used in physical therapy practices to ease pain, restore movement and build a firm foundation within the body.

The exercises prescribed in physiolates builds abdominal and pelvic core strength for greater balance and stability. The technique can be performed with or without equipment and is appropriate for patients of all ages. Physiolates plays an essential role in rehabilitation after injuries and surgical interventions. It aids in the reduction of pain and helps patients remain mobile, flexible and active.

Physiolates is an effective treatment for spinal injuries and arthritis associated with a myriad of conditions and chronic diseases. The method improves muscle tone and benefits those with bone density issues. Athletes at all levels of ability around the world utilize the technique to improve and enhance their performance.

Acute and chronic pain can be treated with physiolates, along with balance problems and dysfunction stemming from neurological disorders. The method can be used for any part of the body for existing injuries and to treat prior conditions that still cause pain and mobility problems. It’s appropriate for honing and strengthening all types of soft tissue within the body.

Physiolates excels as a means of treating sports-related injuries and those requiring surgical solutions. All physiolates programs are customized to the individual. They’re modified and adjusted as the patient’s level of ability increases and evolves.

A specialized form of physiolates is available for women during pregnancy and following the birth of their child. Physiolates works to build abdominal and pelvic floor strength in preparation for delivery. It also addresses problems unique to nursing mothers who often experience back and neck pain.

Physiolates relieves discomfort, tension and fatigue that appear during and after pregnancy. It’s beneficial for reshaping the body following delivery and assisting women in regaining their pre-pregnancy contours. The exercise program aids in reducing the incidence of abdominal muscle separation.

Physiotherapy Carnegie can assist in relieving pain, recuperations and rehabilitation for an extensive array of injuries. Physiolates can be utilized by people without injuries to address issues ranging from balance problems to chronic disease to enhance mobility and help prevent future injuries.